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Easy To Use

Ours is the easiest to use bulk SMS services platform.

  • Bulk SMS services in never-before clarity;
  • SMS attachments;
  • Campaign Metrics Tracked;
  • Mobile Solutions;
  • Receive SMS through codes;
  • SMS APIs that can be integrated;
  • Send via Excel, App or Email;
  • Business Friendly.


All this is backed by our superb SMS Gateway.

We give unmatched unmatched delivery rates and speeds. You receive authentic real-time reports. All SMS routes are configured for you, free of cost.

One small demonstration will show how bulk SMS is easy to use. Both the purpose and the method of bulk SMS are easy to understand and operate. Benefits of SMS marketing:

Target: It is easy to target and draw new customers. A well-executed campaign allows you to hook-up with your audience.

Easily noticed: SMS messages are noticed immediately. They are responded to within seconds of receipt. As a medium of communication and marketing, they are light years ahead of emails.

Regularly updated: This has a great impact on offers.

Easy tracking: Bulk SMS is easy to track.

Branding: Bulk SMS makes branding easy.

Sending SMS messages through SMS  Gateway is really easy.

We have your back, in case you do not have your own team of developers.

  • You will receive SMS messages online from customers using a combination of long and short codes, and keywords. The messages are stored in your inbox.
  • Your requirement schedules the SMS;
  • SMS templates created and managed for regular use;
  • All sent and received messages reported on in detail;
  • Intuitive and easy to use;
  • Campaigns easy to organize and run;
  • Permanent connectivity thanks to ‘multiple carrier option’;
  • Reliable deliverability and secure functionality;
  • Campaigns controlled by admin panel;
  • API-Application integration & API documentation assisted by our support team.

Other advantages: Our product is user friendly, does not need software, has custom message originator, has SMS contact details, has file upload facility, has message scheduling, is capable of sub-domain creation, offers round-the-clock support. To mention a couple of stellar features of our API – tracks user’s progress with analytics, integrates in minutes, and is fully customizable. The cross platform capabilities we offer are not limited to SMS and IVR Call, thus enabling the user with the power of single click verification on both ios and android with the aid of Missed Call and Caller ID verification. Number validation and number formatting are also available features – just to mention two out of many.

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