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SMS gateway actually allows a computer or simply enables a computer to send or receive SMS. APIs are some specialised functions which helps in the simplification of the encoding of characters for different languages which automatically deals with messages that are long. Most importantly, the API supports different webhooks for the purpose of pushing the status reports or simply receiving the SMSs back to the web server that you were using originally. So, when you are looking forward to best SMS API in UK, we are certainly one of the best choices in this regard.

We take pride in being one of the top SMS API provider in UK and most importantly, we offer the best SMS API price in UK which is the reason as to why we are one of the most preferred choice of the users. Another of the great reason why the users look forward to us when the need of SMS API arises is because of free SMS API php which we offer on train basis.

Why Use Our SMS API in UK?

Our SMS API gateway is completely secure, robust and extremely easy for the purpose of sending as well as tracking the messages almost instantaneously. Most importantly, the users can very easily integrate SMS, email, voice API with php, java and http scripts. We actually offer premium quality bulk communication APIs especially for the developers. The USPs of our API are as listed below.

  1. Tailor made for the developers which is highly beneficial. Now, even you do not have your own team of developers, do not worry at all. We are here to help for integrating the APIs.
  2. Our best SMS API in UK is engineered in such a way that you can completely rely on them. We make use of multi route technology for the purpose of delivering the messages anytime and anywhere.
  3. Our support team is available round the clock to make sure that you do not face any problem or confusion at the time of using our service. We are always here to help.

Top Features of Our SMS API

Our SMS API finds a wide range of applications and there are a lot of users who use our SMS API for OTP in UK. Some of the top features of our SMS API are as follows.

  • Messaging is extremely quick to individuals as well as groups
  • Two way local and international messaging
  • Delivery reports available
  • Long SMSs can be sent with ease
  • Messages can be sent by using the Unicode character sets
  • Presence of a custom sender ID

Now, it can be quite clearly understood as to why the users prefer to use SMS API.

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