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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS for UK

The use of transactional SMS is extremely common in the present times. These messages are not intended for the purpose of marketing but are used for the purpose of sending OTPs, alerts for booking or confirmation of orders or similar others and informational messages to the customers. The transactional SMS for UK are strictly for non marketing purposes whose ultimate motive is to provide information or alerts to the customers. So, it becomes extremely important for the business owners to make use of the transactional SMS gateway in UK for effectively sending transactional SMS to their customers. This is the exact situation where we come to the rescue of the businesses.

An SMS marketing firm plays a vital role in this situation in advising and helping the businesses as well as business ownersin appropriately promoting their products and services. We would certainly be a very good choice in UK for the same. We offer assistance to different businesses with bulk SMS service in UK.

Features that We Offer

At this point of time, when the business owners intend to use the transactional SMS, the first thing that comes to their mind is regarding how to create transactional SMS gateway. But you need not worry at all as we are here to help. Also, you should be checking out the features of the transactional SMS for UK that we have on offer.

Overcoming DND

With our transactional SMS gateway in UK you can send SMS to the customers irrespective of DND. So, even if any customer has chosen the DND option transactional SMS in UK can be delivered to the customers and hence you can necessarily send all alerts as well as information to your customers.

Delivery Reports Available

You will get all the delivery reports of the sent SMS thereby making it clear about the status of the SMS that was sent. The business owners can easily do this by checking the confirmation of each of the SMS that was sent.

Round the Clock Sending

The transactional SMS in UK can be sent to the customers at any point of time unlike the promotional SMS which is highly beneficial for a business owner.

Customised Messaging

Our transactional SMS gateway in UK allows you to send SMS with all customised details to the customers such as available balance, dues, and a lot of similar others. In this way, the business owners can easily send all the necessary information to the customers.

API Integration is Available for Free

We allow the business owners to integrate SMS API in their own software where they need to only pay for the credits which is highly advantageous.

Thus, our transactional SMS gateway in UK allows the businesses to send the appropriate amount of information to the correct audience at the perfect time.

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