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Simple API

Built for developers by developers. A few lines of code and it is done. You get our exclusive 100% Gateways SMS uptime. We have created a portal which is friendly to the users. The portal is extremely easy to use and can be accessed online with just a few clicks.

Fastest Delivery

Rocket speed id here !! Send 2+ millions SMS in a minute. This bulk SMS for marketing in UK allows instant delivery to the recipients with a very high speed. The users are allowed to broadcast send SMS to the intended recipients very easily by using the portal and through multi telecom operator route.

Instant Report

No need to wait for delivery report, get it as soon as you fire. The main purpose of sending SMS is marketing and all the users would definitely like to know the results of the marketing campaign. Our Bulk SMS Panel allow the users to get a detailed campaign report online directly from the portal.

Lowest Price

The SMS marketing cost in London is not very difficult to afford since we are available at reasonable prices. In an addition to this, the bulk SMS service providers multiple plans so that all types of requirements of the users can be met easily and conveniently. On average, we are 30% cheaper than our competitors.

Easy To Use

We know you are not a techie, and we love it. Get best ever UI. The complete system is fully automated which makes it even easier to use. The SMS campaigns are broadcast through a system that is completely automated and hence the SMS portal becomes very easy to use.

24/7 Support

We don’t have holidays, because we love you and your business. The portal of the SMS provider in UK can be accessed 24*7 and from anywhere making it very convenient for the users. Guarantee for total peace of mind.

Multi Language API

Communicate to your audience by messaging them just in the language they are comfortable with. Send bulk SMS in any country from Our International SMS Gateway in any language. This make our bulk SMS Panel most accepted panel.

Secure IP

Send secure, encrypted messages with our IP messaging solution – perfect for sensitive internal communications. The service so provide is hundred percent secured and trusted. You need not worry at all about your data since they are secured and encrypted.

Guaranteed Reliability

We do more than just promise reliability–We Deliver. In fact, we’ve done it over 1 billion times for over 15,000 customers, in almost every conceivable industry. Also you need not worry about the validity of your account. We have time validity plans which are flexible.

We are Leading bulk SMS provider in UK. We have perfect SMS solutions for all your needs!

We are currently living in a modern world of technology which has surrounded us on almost all of the sides. In recent times, it is quite common to have a mobile phone and almost every one of uses SMS facility offered by mobile phones. This is the main reason why most of the companies use SMS as the method of marketing. Sending SMS involves minimum investment and has the ability of reach millions of users with just a click.

The same has happened in UK as well and SMS marketing in United Kingdom has become extremely common in recent times.

You can easily find bulk SMS provider in UK since there are a number of such service providers available. All the bulk SMS services providers have some excellent features which are highly beneficial to the customers.

Let us promote your business all over the world. SMS Myntra is one of the best bulk SMS service providers in the United Kingdom has phenomenal customer service which is available round the clock making it one of the greatest advantage for all the users.


Choose From our Packages as Per Your Requirements.

Our Services

Wide Range of Services

Promotional SMS

To Send Promotional Offer

Promotional SMS is used to send offers, discounts or promotions to new and existing customers. Send Offers, Images, Brochures & Links Via SMS.

Wholesale Route

For Reseller Business

Better throughput that direct as SS7 connections are involved, good quality SS7 connections,

Transactional SMS

To Send Transnational Details

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. Messages not be intended for marketing.


To Send Bulk SMS from Desktop

Web SMS service is technology that enables people to send, receive and track messages via the internet. Send SMS from your PC browser.

Direct Route

For Single User

Reliable, fast, dynamic features with sender pre-registration (depends on country restriction) and stability.


To Integrate in Website

API to Send SMS. SMS API Gateway will SMS-enable any site or application. You can do this using any programming language (.NET, PHP, Java etc)

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What our satisfied clients say about our service

Love this company! Friendly customer service, easy to use and efficient. I have seen a difference in the space of one week! Thank you SMS Myntra

Karen Doe


Easy to set up, easy to use, non complicated, just what I was looking for. Good features like ability to set up groups and change the ‘from’ field according to who you are texting. Would definitely recommend

Jonathan Doe


Before we were using our mobiles to text the clients … We now use this tool to communicate with our clients, asking them to confirm appointment, confirm addresses, or chase them for payments. Since we started using SMS Myntra, we dramatically cut the time wasted trying to get through to them using the phone.

Hannah Jonson


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