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SMS Myntra are committed to help you in your endeavor with different text messages service. In the highly unlikely event of a glitch for sms for marketing, we are there to guide you through the correction as a reputed sms service provider. We can be reached through our toll free helpline. Also, we are always reachable via live chat for any problem related to text message business.


We are totally adept at live chat communication platform for our gateway sms service. We are also adept at solving pain points, or the problems like send text messages, of the customer which need quick resolution. Our administrators and supervisors have access to all chat histories from any online text message sender. This enables them to visit pain points for any bulk sms service. As we are interested in being with your concern always, we do act upon these details for your any problem related to text sms service.


Our agents on the other side of the chat window can quickly point out the link to relevant document of bulk text message, so that the client may be able to understand the problem in text sms. Screen-sharing of online send sms leads to quick resolution of grievances. Live chat is the preferred medium of customer support, and we are fully adept at it for solving any problem regarding text message business..


Live chat is the most convenient of all communications platforms. You can talk to us while you are multitasking, or sending sms for marketing, or shopping. You have friendly, instant support access. This gives us an edge over our competitors and other sms service provider companies.


While on the surface our live chat feature may seem too subtle, it is there and is totally findable for any online text message sender. You may engage us any time, night or day if you are facing any problem in sending gateway sms. We have your navigation path routed out; we understand your preferences to send text for business. We are committed to giving you a more personalized experience to you while you send business text messages to your targeted audience.


Our live chat service for bulk sms is also available on mobiles. Our mobile live chat icon is response, geared to an optimized mobile presence to solve your questions related to sms marketing services. Through our company’s app, too, you may get in touch. App-in live chat allows you to reach us via our app for any queries related to business text messages or any other problem.


Needless to say, the more traditional toll free helpline mode of communication also has our favor if you encounter any glitch while using the bulk text message software. Hence, feel free to reach to us to solve any queries related to our text message service through your preferred mode of communication.


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