Things to Know About Bulk SMS for Business

In this fast world of technology, Bulk SMS is the best way to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues, and others. Also, when it comes to business, you like to engage your clients and customer through this method. There are also other ways, but SMS ensures the relationship between customers and the seller becomes personal.

However, if you have a business, and if you start texting anyone who visits your store, it will not begin the SMS marketing for you. You need to be very precise in this part of the business. You need to know the importance and the types of SMSs are available. You must get a provider of text messages, and study the benefits of SMS marketing. All of these will help you start with this method, and you will surely gain more revenue.

Why bulk SMS is important

Nowadays, people are more engrossed in their mobiles than anything else. So, normally, when you start with the help of a text messages service, you will get better open rates. Usually, people open their texts within 3 minutes, so you won’t have to worry about whether your message has been read or not.

Here, when you go with email marketing, that will also be effective, but most of the time people do not open the emails. Then, they get stored in the spam folder. Your goal in business is to grow ahead, make your brand known to people. For that, SMS marketing is important.

This is also one of the best and convenient method, because of its low cost. When you start with a small business, you need to spend on various things. The marketing strategy of your company is one of them. Here, when you go with the text message business, you will gain much perspective. Also, a huge amount of money will be saved. Not all companies go for big banners or TV ads, but some start with SMS marketing first. Then, when they gain better revenue, they put their brand’s ads elsewhere.

Types of Text messages for business

From the day in 1992 when the first text message was sent, SMS has come a long way. Now, people can not only send words but images and animated pictures, videos and sound too. So, keeping this revolution in mind, let’s look at the types of business SMSs out there.

  • One-way SMS

This type of business text messages is the previous version of SMS in business. If a company has something to say, they would send a single one to spread the words. This is similar to TV ads on billboards of highways. Someone will speak and the other party will listen. This is typically the end of the conversation. By this, you can send the text message to your consumers, but they will not be able to give a reply. Although this is a bit of the trend, it’s great for start-up companies, who need to offer their deals to their customers.

  • Two-way SMS

This is the kind by which companies can send text for business, to their clients and customers requesting to renew any service. This is not a conversational message, as the customer is requested to renew or cancel a service. A person can only choose the reply to the SMS by canceling or renewing the service of the SMS sender company. This type is very easy to understand. Then, again, as the new voice technology has emerged in the market, two ways SMS has lost its appeal a bit.

  • Conversational SMS

Automated text messages are sometimes hard to handle and not all the time it engages customers. For that in the services of gateways sms, owners are going for conversational ones. They are giving more choices to their customers. So, they can give a reply to the company agent. If a request is complex, a customer can send an SMS to the agent for the simplification of the same. This is also another part of the chat services. Where you can talk to the agents directly and by sending text messages. You can ask about the product you bought or any other queries. This is very useful, and so many retail companies have adopted this method.

Even, when the agents are not available, you can send a message and that will be answered the moment an agent is available. You can start a smooth conversation here always, and you will get the proper solution.

  • Toll-free SMS

This is another simple SMS type between companies and consumers. You can acquire a toll-free number for your company and use that to send text messages. This is the easiest way because consumers already know the number. The toll-free numbers cost less, so the customers can easily send a reply to the text.

  • Chatbots of SMS

A Chatbot is a type of online text message sender service that allows users to stop and start a service. Also, it allows consumers to ask general questions about the services and products of the company. You can add images, text in the chatbot and it understands what you want to say. This method is tested with medicine labs, customer service, and psychology. This is powered by artificial intelligence and is a fifth-generation technology in SMS services.

  • RCS

This is another that is a form of online send sms service. You can include your logo in the SMSs you are sending. Also, this is a multichannel strategy of texting for the new generation.

Tips to choose the right SMS service provider

When it comes to SMSs, and you have a business that needs more marketing help. You need to find a service that will give you better facilities at an affordable rate. There are several vendors out there who provide the same service. So, how are you going to fish out the one that is suitable for you? Here, check the tips.

  • The cost you have to bear

When you are rendering services of sms for marketing, you must have a budget in mind. Your company depends on the money you spend on the business. For that, you need to be calculative about the cost of the SMS services. The moment you think of a text message campaign, you must think, that how much you are going get profit from it. Based on that find a service provider who fulfills most of the requirements of yours. It also happens that you have chosen a company that asks more price than the others. In such a case, you need to indulge in some research.

Before you hire sms marketing services, you need to know about the delivery and the bounce rate of the SMSs. Companies tell the buyers that they have lower bounce rates and high delivery services, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. For that, you can check their previous deals and the customer satisfaction part.

  • The regions of SMS delivery

You have a business that spreads to many countries of the world. So, you need to send text messages to all of your customers. Then, how are you going to best rates on international platforms? You need to ask the provider about this. They will tell you about the rates, and if you like it only then, you can go for the service. In here, you can also check the normal international rates on the internet, and then compare the fees of the vendor.

  • Check the analytics

You need to check the analytics before you render the services of the company. It will help you when taking a look at the replies, the delivery rate, the ones that turned into sales, the failed messages, and the ones that are opened. These analytics will give you an insight into the company.

  • The API

The part of application programming interfaces or API is important when you are trying to get SMS services. This is the system that allows two parties to have a conversation. You need to check if the service provider has a well-documented set of APIs. The company must have the full support and integrated into the system.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing

Now you know how you can find an SMS service provider and the types of text messages for business out there. Now, it’s time to fish out the benefits of SMS marketing.

  • Customer engagement

In the world of text sms, customer engagement comes easily. When you are sending messages with offers and discounts, they take it as a personalized one. They love the text when it says, ‘Only for today’, ‘Exclusive’, ‘Only for you’ and so on. So, it’s always a better way to do marketing with SMSs. Your customers will get attracted by the offers you made, and it will help in the ROI.

  • A reliable service

If you go for email marketing, there are high chances that your message will end up in the spam folder. Once it’s there, your email will never be read. So, to dodge this thing, SMS is very efficient. People most of the time like to go through their mobiles. For that, they will surely open the text message. Then, when you have given some offers, they will reply to it for sure. This is the reason it is a very reliable way to reach consumers.

  • The open rate is high

Unlike emails, SMSs have a higher open rate. As this is the world of Smartphones, people want every facility from their devices. So, when your SMS comes through it will be opened after a few minutes. In a conducted research, it has been found out that, people usually open their SMSs within 3 minutes of receiving it. So, you don’t have to worry about the open rate of the text message.

  • Cost-effective service

It doesn’t take too much money out of your pocket with SMS marketing. With other strategies of marketing, you have to pay loads of money, just to get a better response. But with text message services, you will get a prompt result. The amount you have stored for the marketing of your products or services will always be well-spent. This is always an inexpensive method, where, you will get better results. You can stick to your budget and do business without any hassle.

  • Exclusive messages

When you have a small business you need to take care of your popularity. Even when you are going for campaigns of text messages, you need to think of your customers. You must have a database of your potential customers, who would like to get SMS from you. Here, your task is to please those consumers by sending them exclusive messages. You have to make them feel special so that the messages turn into a purchase.

  • Save time

With the help of bulk sms service, you will be able to save so much time. You can always set the date of the text message campaign for a later day. The date you have decided, the SMSs will be sent on time to the designated customers automatically. This is another biggest benefit of SMS marketing. You won’t have to waste your time on the text messages every time because you can schedule the date and time.

  • Creative text messages

With text messages, you not just get to send words but add images and videos too. Big companies go for adding GIFs, videos and shiny images to their SMSs. You can follow their path, as it will draw more customers. You can dd the logo of your company, and send a message in a different font. This is highly possible with online text messaging.

  • Immediate service

Other than other marketing techniques, bulk text message offers fast and immediate services. The moment you launch an offer or discount, you can send out the news to your customers. They will get it within some seconds. This is the way companies make the for today only offers. You can go for flash sales, holiday offers, last minutes deals, and any event-related promotions with SMS services.

  • The platform is flexible

You can set the SMS sending mode to thousands at the same time. This way the consumers can get the text messages promptly. You won’t have any trouble sending bulk SMSs because it’s too flexible. When you render service from a reputed company, you will get the satisfaction of the delivery rate. You can try out an online SMS sending technique too in here. This will be more efficient when you just press a button, and thousands of text messages will be sent within a minute. Many businesses add this service to their online marketing strategies as well.

  • The satisfaction of the subscribers

Today SMSs have reached the stage where consumers can enter a service and opt-out of it too. With the help of text messages, you can join a service, and when you no longer need it, you can opt-out easily. There will be a link which will help you to avail of this benefit. This very thing is very user friendly and subscribers appreciate this option.

  • Short messages

No one has the time to read a long SMS, as everyone is busy. So, the 160-character limit of the text messages is a boon on mankind. You get to know about a service or product discount within that limit. Also, it’s always comprehensible. You will open and read the SMS, and get the messages, no matter how short it is. The main purpose of the short messages is just to convey the actual thing.

  • Unlimited marketing scope

As you know that SMSs are very efficient and the open rates are always positive. You must know that this has unlimited scope in the market. As people love to use their smartphones these days. They love to check the text messages that come through. If you check the analytics, you will see the rates of deliveries and the ones that have turned into purchases.

  • Better reach

Text messages for businesses ensure a better reach to the customers. You can connect with all of your consumers, even they are from other countries within a minute. This is a huge benefit when you render a bulk SMS service. As most people in the world own a phone, it’s never an issue to see the texts you have to send them.

  • Great for ROI

The moment you send an SMS it gets delivered within some seconds. Also, as you know about the delivery rates of the text messages. You must never doubt getting a return on your investments. The, moment your message is opened, the consumer checks the offer you have made. Then, they will surely check your site or visit your store. This is the first win on your part. Then to make the SMS campaign successful, you need to take care of the type of offer you are giving. If you have offered something lucrative it will always give you better ROI. You must have the database of your consumers and make the offer based on their buying technique. This strategy will always help you in SMS marketing.

From the time you start to send personalized messages to your customers, they will wait for the offers. This will build you a herd of loyal consumers. The customers will always appreciate the way of your marketing. Also, you have to be specific to the needs of your clients and consumers. With SMSs you can keep your quality of customer service intact. Here, you also need to get in touch with a good sms service provider and bulk sms, who will give you cost-effective services.



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