Bulk Text Message- Reshaping Marketing Strategy

When the world was entering from the twentieth to the twenty-first century, or you can say in the late twentieth century, along with many other industries, the retail sector revolutionized the most. Have you ever wonder, what’s the reason behind that? The reason for this evolution primarily dedicated to the introduction of mobile phones and, most importantly, due to the accessibility of mobile phones which help online business by Bulk text message.

To Send Text Messages, and in build, the tool comes with mobile phones called SMS, a short form of ‘Short Message Service.’ It comes with mobile phones, and it gets more and more advance with the evolution of mobile phone technology. Today not only the retail industry but almost every company from every sector, as well as other organizations too using this option to make easy and convenient connect to their people. The lists are long, let’s have a look at some.

  • Educational institutions
  • Religious Organization
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Nonprofits
  • Real Estate
  • Religious Groups
  • Restaurants
  • Marketing Agencies

Smartphone and Marketing

Today mobile phones become the most effective and more accessible tool fit in any advertising or marketing strategy. SMS For Marketing makes business houses to reach their customer very quickly. It becomes a more powerful marketing tool after evolution in the smartphone. Smartphones make it easy for the customer to go through their inbox, and if required, they go further in detail by opening links provided along with the message without any irritation.

Know More About Bulk Messages

Before going further, let’s first understand what bulk messages are? It is nothing but a bunch of messages which are the easy way companies adapt to communicate with their customers. It uses SMS technology to send messages to a group of contact in parallel. To send the Bulk messages, you need to have a mobile number database of your customers. This Text SMS can be in any form, including information, notification, alert, promotion, etc.

There are several platforms that you can use to send bulk messages. From a customer point of view, if any company communicates by sending SMS, then it is always convenient for customers to read and get benefitted from these messages. Think about it by comparing it with email or any other advertising or marketing mode.

How Bulk Messages Can Use For Marketing

There are several ways by which you can Send Text For Business. Some significant ways are highlighted below.

  • Information/Notifications- You can send any general information, notifications, or guidelines to your customer. As you are using bulk messages, you need to send a public message which applies to all the customers you are sending the message.
  • Promotion- You can promote your products or services to potential customers as per leads available to you. Also, you can develop new products to your existing customers through promotional text messages.
  • Distribute Vouchers- Today’s every shopping is attached to some kinds of reward, discount, etc. which comes in the form of vouchers. You can send these vouchers to the group of customers with a single click.
  • Alert/Reminder- If you are running a successful business, you own some poorly hidden competitor. We called their act as a fraudulent. You can alert you, customers, about the fraud and risk, and in this way, you can retain your trust in your customers towards you as well as the growth of your company.
  • Feedback- Getting feedback from customers is essential to improve the service as well as product quality for any business. It was never so more comfortable to receive the input. Customers feel smooth and quick is responding or feedback about the services or products they get. The credit goes to mobile phones and especially a smartphone. You can also add feedback links in the message by clicking on which customers landed on the webpage of feedback. Also, you can put objective type questions to know about your service or products; it makes it much more comfortable and less annoying for customers to answer.
  • Send Flyers- It could only be possible due to advancements in mobile phones. Flyers or posters are always a convenient way for customers to understand what you want to promote. It is also one of the most effective ways of promoting your business. You can send flyers and posters, too, through Business Text Messages to your customers.
  • Communicate with your workforce- If there is a similar work are executing at different locations or you need to send the same information or alert at all locations, you can simply use bulk text messages. This type of situation can be arises in service or manufacturing business. You can also alert your safety team by sending text messages.

How To Send Bulk Messages

What do you think about sending bulk messages? Can it be dispatched by making a contacts group on a mobile phone? A big No. If you are going to do this, it will not be feasible and effective in any way. You can use an online SMS sender- a tool or software which helps you in sending bulk messages. You can do this either by purchasing the subscription of these tools or by hiring a reliable service provider. There are significantly three ways of sending bulk messages, as mentioned below.

  • Online– It is the most popular way of sending bulk messages where you use Online Text Message Sender. It is also one of the easiest ways to send messages to multiple customers at a time. There are ample of the online service provider are there, but you need to choose the reliable one who fit o your criteria.


API– API allows you to link your website with an SMS sender that automatically sends the text message to your customer after any activity. You can also connect your CRM with an SMS sender. For Gateways SMS, you need to create a link you need to hire a developer, therefore choose those service providers who can integrate your website simply and easily.

  • Email-to-SMS– This method of sending bulk messages quotes old but yet famous. You can use this method for conversations within the company, website chat, appointment reminder, passing important announcement, etc. Whatever you mail to your employee, it goes directly to their message inbox.

Choose the two or all three methods, as mentioned as per your business requirement. Also, hire only reliable agencies that provide you seamless and faster service.

How To Choose The Right SMS Service Provider

Before hiring the SMS Service Provider, you must check these basic requirements provided by the agency.

  • User friendly– The interface provided by the Text Messages Service provider must he user friendly. The dashboard should have the least content to appear; it makes the work easy and focused. It should be simple to use.
  • Cost-effective– For any developer, be it of any field, the first aim is to fulfill the requirement with an economical approach. Before agreeing with the service provider, negotiate all the prices, terms, and conditions very clearly. The best way to get a cost-effective service is to adopt a pay-as-you model. In this model, you pay only that much which you have used. This feature helps you at the time when you want to reduce the size of your marketing campaign.
  • Fast delivery– Your all marketing strategy through SMS will depend on how more rapid the delivery of SMS Marketing Services Therefore there should be no network congestion or software glitches that may result in slower delivery.
  • Instant Report– You cannot wait all day to get confirmation of delivery. It should be of a very prompt response. It imparts confidence among marketers, and only then they can wait or try again for the customer’s responsibility.
  • 24/7 support– This is an essential aspect. If you are running 24/7 services, then you must choose those agencies who are ready to work as per your time in the time of need.
  • Test Before Buying- Ask the service provider about free sign up for some period. In this period, you can check their capability and how faster it can deliver your message.
  • All kind of service– The reputed and reliable service providers provides you all type of service be it promotional, transactional or general. Also, all modes of Online Send SMS should be provided by them.
  • Easy to scale– when your business grows, the service provider can just fulfill your requirements.
  • Multilanguage SMS– Today this is an era of globalization, so may need to send messages in multiples language.

Depending on the nature, size of your campaign, or workload, you can check these additional features, whether provided by the agency or not.

  • Secure IP– The service provider having secure IP helps you in preventing any sneak to your system what method or content for the advertisement you are using should be in between you and your customer. Your competitor should not take it.
  • URL tracking– This feature helps you in assessing the more accurate success of your campaign. It can be known by comparing several people you have send the message and out which how many people click on the link and visit the desired webpage.
  • Analytics– In the field of marketing or advertising, any service provider without having analytics is not of much use. The analytics on the feedback or response on Text Message Business helps you in strengthening and improving the quality of products and services provided by you.
  • SMS survey– It is an essential feature that helps you in assessing your strategy of marketing and advertising.
  • Autoresponders– It is essential where the workload is very high.

How Bulk Messages Sender Help Your Business

There are several advantages of adopting the option of Bulk SMS sender- these are the tools, whether software or websites. Some significant benefits are:

  • Enhanced Productivity– Sending Bulk messages through a mobile phone or even a smartphone is time-consuming. It also engages your resources with the least output. You can send any number of messages by a single click. What you have to do is to type a single message at once only.
  • Low Budget– It is the cheapest form of advertising, in terms of cost involved, in comparison with outdoor advertising especially.
  • High ROI– It is evident that most people read text messages within five to ten minutes after they receive it. Therefore if you have a mobile number and you adopt SMS for marketing, these numbers would be quality leads that have a high chance to convert it into a potential customer. Hence the high rate of return on investment (ROI) in comparison to other methodologies.
  • Faster Delivery– No advertising or marketing mode can be so swift. You can deliver the Bulk Text Messages instantly to all of the customers or leads available in your database. And due to the high opening rate, your messages would be quickly read by the customers.

All these benefits of marketing through Bulk messages leads to retaining your customer base, to improve your business- products or services, and to convert more and more leads to the potential customer by Bulk Text Message.

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