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Everybody is welcome to a competitive, flat rate  of text message service: not only this, but our pricing for  text message business also includes all government taxes. You could discuss bulk discount for  business text messages  with us, if you plan on being a high volume sender of  text for business.


Our accounts being pre-paid, you pay for what you need and your account credit can be used to send your messages like  gateway sms. Take advantage of our exceptional text messaging rates, and impressive messaging features to  send text messages  to connect to your audience. As a reputed sms service provider  we offer you the best possible packages to help you in business.


Over the years we have kept our prices consistently low for our  online text message sender. We pass cost savings of  bulk sms direct down to you, the customer. We think it is unethical to squeeze profits for  online send sms, when the unit cost per message or per  text sms has stopped. You can save up to 50% by being with us with our special packages for  sms marketing services.


Features like Custom Trigger, VMN, Hosted SIM, Shortcode Trigger for  bulk text message are up for grabs at low prices. The most affordable pricing options on the  text message service  in market are offered to you courtesy of our efficient, accurate software, and high volume traffic.


The price of each package of  text message business depends on the following parameters: no. of SMS (in thousands) or the volume of bulk sms, price peer SMS, Validity, SMS Gateway and Characters per SMS. We accept online payment from our  online text message sender  clients.


No set up costs for sending  business text messages, no license costs, no monthly costs fpr  gateway sms, no sender ID costs. Free API integration code for every client who  send text messages  with our services.  


Between free credits, fair pricing, and discounted rates to specific institutions – you will find we have the right payment plan for your budget for sms marketing services. As regards discounted rates for the packages of  text sms – there are no set, or monthly fees. Our simple, powerful SMS Portal can help your institution with: sending  text for business, Advertising, Donation Reminders, Staff Communication, Event Reminders and Promotions. Once you register  online send sms,  you become eligible for free credits to   send  sms for marketing. Register and get used to our customer-focused user interface, and the exceptional functionality of our products like  bulk text message.


In our state of the art system there are no hidden charges, no minimum amounts, and no expiry dates. As a  sms service provider, Your business is our priority.

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