SMS transmissions to and from a telecommunications network are made possible for a computer through an SMS Gateway. Routing of messages into mobile networks is realized. Media conversion from email and other formats is supported by SMS Gateways.

In other words, a website that allows users to send SMS messages from a web browser to people within the cell/network served by that gateway, is an SMS Gateway. Such a gateway also allows SMS communication away from the home network, thus serving as an international gateway for users with roaming capability.

A common problem is solved by such gateways. This is the problem of different telephony providers using different/proprietary protocols. Each protocol is translated and relayed by the gateway.SMS centers (SMSCs) are connected using these gateways by wireless network operators.SMS operations such as routing, forwarding, and storing incoming texts are handled by the SMSCs.

It is possible to download open source SMS Gateway software online.


A standard SMS Gateway has several advantages. Users can send text messages much faster from their computer. The email address book can also be used as for recipient mobile numbers. Central control of SMS usage is made possible by the SMS Gateway. Application integration benefits the company. Organizations can easily SMS –enable any corporate application. Notifications can be sent via the SMS Gateway by any email-generating application. This happens because the Gateway integrates seamlessly with Exchange Server or SMTP/Notes.

Corporate Applications of SMS

Corporate applications of SMS are enumerated here under:

  • Updates are made available for quick perusal by sales persons, or company technicians on the road;
  • Emergency/critical situation alerts are issued immediately ,for instance, when an internet link is down and the responsible network administrator is to be alerted;
  • The immediate receipt of key information to key persons/customers is made possible.

More Range

In a slightly different setting, too, the benefits of using an SMS Gateway are clearly manifest:A standard SMS Gateway may also be found useful by content providers and SMS application developers. Connecting to the SMSCs of the wireless carriers enables the sending and receiving of SMS text messages on your server. When your SMS text messaging application supports multiple SMSC protocols, it implies that different wireless carriers may use SMSCs from different vendors. Consequently, the complexity and development time of the SMS text messaging application increases.

More Access

An SMS Gateway can be set up to handle connections to the SMSCs. How to connect to the SMS Gateway, is what the SMS text messaging application needs to know. Modifying the settings of the SMS Gateway gives you access to other SMSCs. Source code change is not required.

Versatile application

Another way to send/receive SMS text messages on a computer is via phone or GSM/GPRS modem using AT commands. This is enabled by the SMS text messaging application knowing how to communicate with the SMS Gateway without prior knowledge of AT commands.

Free software for the Road to Freedom

An SMS Gateway has several roles to play in the SMS messaging system. The software is complex, and therefore expensive. Fortunately, open source SMS Gateway software available freely on the web make things much easier.


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