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Transactional bulk SMS services are ideal for sending alerts/reminders/updates to your existing clients. It is easy to send bulk SMS throughout the globe with user-friendly web interface.

Make Your Business Text Messages Reliable With Sms Myntra


The world is changing, and the changes are rapid. The time between 19th to 21st century brought some massive revolutionary changes in the spaces of human living, especially since the change in communicative technology is way much. Previously, people had to depend on few sources to make their communication with clients and customers effective. But today’s scenario is different. We have plenty of business opportunities, but spreading words and bringing engaging customers towards your brand is very challenging in this competitive time. The only trend you see today is Online Send SMS.



About SMS myntra

Business Text Messages play a pivotal role for any successful business and organization. Sms myntra has emerged as one of the leading bulk SMS providers in UK. We take pride as a successful service provider as we make sure that we are giving hundred percent enhanced quality services along with 24*7 customer care support.


Our only aim is to help our potential clients and businesses in reaching a maximum number of target customers in just a matter of time. We are here to help you with lucrative Gateways SMS in the best way we can. You can reach us anytime either on phone calls or via emails.

Looking for solutions? You can visit our website page to get all the solutions for your Text For Business purposes.



Services We Provide

  • Web Sms- In today’s world marketing through cellphone is one of the most effective strategies adopted by business houses. We are leading SMS Service Provider, which helps you to get target audience through promotional Sms. We provide businesses with a platform of marketing through SMS and in crafting effective promotional Sms.


  • Transactional SMS- Transactional SMS is an essential part for any banking or non-banking financial companies. The transactional SMS must be so crafted that it feels the reader easy to understand and it must be secure. We adopt a platform of highly secure end to end encrypted automatically generated text SMS for transaction purpose.


  • Promotional SMS- Approaching to your subscribers via middlemen or third party SMS gateway is always painful for any business. You can send Bulk SMS through a direct route by adopting our platform of SMS marketing services. We are consistently helping clients in avoiding hops via other SMS gateway by adopting a reliable direct route option.
  • Wholesale root- Today wholesale root is revolutionary in SMS marketing which is adopted by ample of business sectors like logistics, healthcare, hospitality, etc. We provide top end SMS Marketing Services via wholesale root which have caliber to gain high traffic volume and the secure platform fulfills your purpose of achieving target growth.


  • Direct route- Web SMS is one of the most revolutionary ideas in marketing through Bulk Text Messages. We provide and support web SMS services for marketing to companies of any strength where you can send many messages and their size effectively and with top end-to-end security with ease. You can send bulk SMS at your desired time and to target audience.


  • Sms API- Sms API extends web SMS and one of the most contemporary strategy in SMS For Marketing. We help our clients in sending bulk SMS and multimedia messages to the mobile phone network via web. We offer highly secured and encrypted SMS and MMS gateway, where you can promote your business whether product or services directly through web to mobile of your target audiences.



Why choose us?

Our company expertise and having vast experience in Text Messages Service. Sms Myntra gives you a plethora of reasons to choose our services. We have served millions of potential businesses and clients globally since we have stated our business. All our team members are highly quality with vast experience. Our staffs and co-workers are friendly who works with complete diligence. With our team members, we promise to take your Text Message Business to the next level. We love to connect and get connected with people from all around the world.


We help people those who want to Send Text Messages to millions of customers or clients at the same time. You will also get various offers and discounts on purchase packages if you are our regular customer.


How can you reach us?

As a leading organization, we understand your requirements. We are constantly working in the field from a very long time and continued to thrive with our customers’ support. Therefore, you are our priority and reaching us is very simple. If you are an active Online Text Message Sender and you are engrossed with tons of text messages every day, then choosing us can help you in getting your job done within a few seconds.
You can get our contact details from our website page or you can drop an email along with your complaints or demands. We will try to reach you as fast as we can. We also ensure that your problems are getting resolved.

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