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The importance of text messages sent in bulk for marketing any business has reached a momentum already. In this digital era, still some people who like to use basic phones without data plans. As a business owner you need to reach every possible target demographic you can. Websites sending bulk sms enables you to do this very easily. The text-messages sent using online websites are an added facility you can enjoy the most as it costs very low in comparison to the other marketing tools available in the industry. 

How Smsmyntra.com can help you

If you want to avail the text message service to promote your business you just need to contact our site with just a call. They will take down your requirement and frame the message for you within 140 characters (that can be sent as a single text message) and offer their database of probable consumers with the desired features and send them in a bulk. This reduces the time you need to invest for typing and sending the messages with the numbers to put while sending them manually. The ease with which they provide what you need is their specialty. 

Safety and security, they provide

The website not only delivers your message to the desired recipients, but also takes measures to keep your message and database safe from others. In online platforms the security of data is quite tough to maintain. You must consider the consequences before agreeing to send bulk text message to the probable consumers of your company and service. They promise and sign a treaty to keep your data safe and you can use them again to persuade more consumers later. 

High speed delivery, their specialty

Smsmyntra.com ensures the fastest delivery of these text messages to a number of recipients that is nearly two million and that too at once. The high-speed network of their service provides them to send the messages so fast.  Their portal and multi-operator telecom route enables them to work that fast and the speed they offer enables you to reach as many receivers you can in the shortest period of time.

Ours is the easiest to use bulk SMS services platform

  • Bulk SMS services in never-before clarity;
  • SMS attachments for bulk text message;
  • Campaign Metrics Tracked for each text sms ;
  • Mobile Solutions for our text messages service;
  • Receive SMS through codes for text message business;
  • SMS APIs that can be integrated for business text messages ;
  • Send sms for marketing via Excel, App or Email ;
  • Business Friendly online text message sender facility.

All this is backed by our superb SMS Gateway

We, as one of the most preferred sms service provider  give unmatched delivery rates and speeds. You receive authentic real-time reports while you send text messages. All SMS routes, gateways sms are configured for you, free of cost in  sms marketing services.

One small demonstration will show how bulk SMS or text for business is easy to use. Both the purpose and the method of bulk SMS and  online send sms are easy to understand and operate. Benefits of SMS marketing through  text messages service:

Target: It is easy to target and draw new customers by sending text sms. A well-executed campaign of business text messages allows you to hook-up with your audience.

Easily noticed: SMS messages like gateway sms are noticed immediately. They are responded to within seconds of receipt of bulk sms.  Text for business, As a medium of communication and marketing, they are light years ahead of emails.

Regularly updated sms marketing services: This has a great impact on offers.

Easy tracking for online text message sender: Bulk SMS is easy to track. Additionally you can track and send text messages

Branding: Bulk SMS or text message business makes branding easy.

Sending SMS messages through SMS  Gateway is really easy.

We have your back for bulk text message , in case you do not have your own team of developers for  online send sms. We will provide you every needed infrastructure to send sms for marketing.

You will receive SMS messages online( online send sms) from customers using a combination of long and short codes, and keywords from our  text message service. The bulk sms messages are stored in your inbox. It is maintained by your sms service provider.

  • Your requirement schedules the SMS or business text messages ;
  • SMS templates for text sms created and managed for regular use for your campaign of  sms for marketing;
  • All sent and received messages reported on in detail;
  • Intuitive and easy to use text message business ;
  • Campaigns easy to organize and run with bulk text message;
  • Permanent connectivity thanks to ‘multiple carrier option’;
  • Reliable deliverability and secure functionality;
  • Campaigns controlled by admin panel;

As a reputed and global sms service provider we offer you evry best possible service. API-Application integration & API documentation assisted by our support team so that you can send text messages  without any problem.

Other advantages: Our product  of sms marketing services is user friendly, does not need software, has custom message originator, has SMS contact details, has file upload facility, has message scheduling, is capable of sub-domain creation, offers round-the-clock support. To mention a couple of stellar features of our API for sending text for business – tracks user’s progress with analytics, integrates in minutes, and is fully customization. The cross platform of  online send sms with capabilities we offer are not limited to SMS and IVR Call or gateways sms thus enabling the user with the power of single click verification on both ios and android with the aid of Missed Call and Caller ID verification. Number validation and number formatting are also available features for each of our  online text message sender – just to mention two out of many.

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