SMS Marketing is obviously cost-effective. There are many advantages to Sms marketing uk. We will discuss only the most important ones.

Instant Reach:

SMS is the one channel of communications that allows marketers to reach target audience within the shortest time span. It has been found that 97% of text messages are opened and read immediately. The dependability and the lightning fast response time enabled by text messages has greased the speed of many a customer-company relationship to rapid fruition. Such fast, deep, clear communication helps the customer decide faster if she would like to stay with the service provider.

Instant opt-in/opt-out:

In order to be part of an SMS stream, all one has to do is share one’s mobile number. There is just the function of ‘opt-in/opt-out’. Generally no other information needs to be shared. This keeps customer satisfaction high.

Quick Customer Feedback:

Given that giving and receiving feedback using text messages is so convenient, SMS Marketing becomes the bridge over which the company can solicit opinions from customers. This, being a relatively faster process, helps the company improve their products faster.

The reach and penetration of mobile advertising is far greater than online advertising. While there were expected to be 2 billion PCs in active use in 2015, there are almost as many active mobiles as the human population. The mobile advertising industry achieved a net worth of a whopping US $32 billion in 2014.As per their report of 2015, 76% of total revenue of Facebook came from mobile advertising alone.

High Open Rate:

All the motivation that a mobile user needs is to hear that buzz. She opens the text message, and arrives at her evaluation of the campaign faster. Emails have an open rate that is 3 times slower as compared to mobile SMS. Companies do not have to write attractive subject-lines to persuade prospective client to open and read a text message.

High Conversion Rate:

Customers are much faster in responding to calls-to-action via text messages. Companies have collected customers’ responses in record time, thanks to text messages. Text messages are clear and concise. The interface is tiny as compared to when a PC is used. There is not a fraction of the clutter that emails have. Also, there are no inessential links. The message is indeed clear.

The future is with Apps:

With the incorporation of apps, and the development of Deeplink, Quixey and URX, making the transition from one app to the next becomes easier. While online advertising faces Adblock, mobile advertising through apps is gaining traction. There is no way advertisements can be blocked on mobiles. Spending on mobile advertising as well as Sms marketing uk is set to rise.

The improvement in broadband coverage has aided the interest in mobile video advertising. It is an off-shoot of text messaging, the next evolutionary step. It has become so much more easier to reach, engage acquire a wider audience. With at least one mobile per person, SMS Marketing is slated for momentous growth.

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