Instant Report

In order for you to understand the status of the messages that you sent out through our text messages service, we offer instantaneous delivery reports. You may also download the report in Excel format dedicated to the  online message sender .


First you may get the following message while sending bulk text for business.


Message in Queue: Our server has got your message text sms and it is in queue to be delivered to the carrier.


Submitted to carrier: the carrier’s SMSC has your message; your delivery status of text message business  is being awaited.


Message delivered: destination mobile number has your message or sms for marketing .


Expired: Message validity period of text sms has expired; this happens when destination mobile is out of coverage to send text messages are or switched off.


Important points about instant reports from our sms service provider:


‘Message in queue’ and ‘submitted to carrier’ are temporary states for any text messages service. These move on to subsequent states for bulk text message  – ‘delivered’, or ‘expired’, or ‘undelivered’, or ‘rejected’.


Only the ‘rejected’ message is not charged in sms marketing services . The operator’s network is taken up to for truing to deliver SMS messages like bulk text message. The same principle is used in billing our clients for bulk sms .


In order to avoid text messages bring ‘rejected’ while you send text messages , we use multiple carriers, gateways sms and gateways to deliver messages. However, a certain network for sending  business text messages could get blocked without prior notice to the online text message sender . We can work on the routing to that network, once the client has informed us of this issue.


All GSM networks and handsets support instant report receipts. CDMA technology does not support this. Final delivery is their prerogative. In actual practice the delivery is carried out 99.95% of the time.

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