How To Use Text Messages Service For Your Customer Support

Every individual business is designed to provide specific different Text Messages Service to several targeted audiences and customers.Therefore, each business owners choose software, own suite, or communication styles and tools as per their convenience and business requirement. Some business needs remain confined within emails and phone calls, while others thrive deeper into social media to get head to head with online followings.

Text Messages Service a pivotal part when it comes to contacting thousands of people quickly, incredibly, and robustly. The traditional method of communicating people is calling on the phone that you have known so far. Well, the best way you can ensure that your message is delivered quickly and receiving prompt responses through SMS features. These SMS features, along with text message, is an off the shelf option in your business suite.

Benefits Of Text Message Business In The Service Industry

Every business is bound to face boon and bane at a certain point in time. Some manage to come out and get over with the banes while others keep entangling, especially when you lose your potential customers. Your clients are more likely to reply to your response on their phone rather than making a phone call. It is because your clients will likely avoid talking over the phone when they are driving, attending a meeting, etc.

Instead, they will prefer to get this job done in a more hassle-free and straightforward way.  It doesn’t matter whether you are asking a vital business procedural question or sending a reminder, Text Message Business allows you to provide quick, responsive, robust and intermediate customer service with a prominent and more uncomplicated tool. However, some people come up with how they can use text messages to improve the functions and quality of their customer services.

Appointment Reminders

In a business-sent text message, so far, appointment reminder is the best universally and common helpful form. Suppose you have to appoint an essential meeting with your client or customer, now what will you do? The first thing you will do is send a friendly text about the scheduled meeting to your client or the customer. What if you have arrived at the conference and they have forgotten about the meeting completely? Well, to avoid this an hour warning will be very useful as it will give your client or customers plenty of time to cover all the work and prepare for the service you have asked for.

Appointment Scheduling

You can open a whole new door when your customers are texting you back. You go with quick response customer service by ensuring them that they can reach out to you anytime rather than just a small response to your messages. Your potential customers or clients who are regular might want to schedule with you once or twice in a month. Business Text Messages allows them to request their upcoming service if they cannot make a phone call or send an email to you.

Text For Business- The Purpose Send Text Messages

Text messages which are used for business are called Marketing messages. In this 21st century, where one out of two individuals owns a smartphone, it is elementary to attract them via text. This modern method of marketing is used by companies and business organizations to attract more customers.

Promotional texts, discount coupons, and vouchers, new product information are usually sent to the targeted audience. Some experts also say that by using text messages, companies save money in a way as there is no requirement of any physical tool. Also, it saves the environment since there is no use of papers. In a study in the UK, it is found out about 81% of people opened these messages. Thus, you can say these methods used for marketing are highly effective for marketing.

However, since all the companies nowadays have started using text messages, a lot of unwanted messages are being sent to the customers. Spam messages, unwanted teleshopping text are being sent, which are a nightmare for some people, services such a DND (Do not Disturb) are being used to stop these unwanted marketing messages.

Unlike other text messages, Text For Business should be short and to the point, and the language used should be in a lucid style. It expected a business text would be of a positive nature; any message with daunting information is less likely to have an affirmative reply. A business message should be formal, unlike casual texts, the words shouldn’t be the abbreviated format. Messages should be thoroughly checked before sending it to the targeted customers; a minute mistake can cause blunder.

Use Of  GATEWAYS SMS In Service Industries

Sms gateways are unique protocols that allow a computer to send and receive SMS OR MMS from a sender to a recipient. It is a website where users can send and receive messages and texts via the internet or real-time messaging services provided by the telecommunication provider. The messages sent by the sender is at first converted from the simple language to the mobile Carrier language which will be sent over transmission networks to reach the recipients at the  Gateways SMS using different APIs (Application Programming Interface).

How Do These SMS And Text Messages work For Business House?

To send a text message from a computer to a phone, an SMS gateway or MMS Gateway is being used in this process. The messages sent from the computer should be in ASCII format, or else the recipient will receive Nothing but a blank message. Before sending the message, one has to determine the mobile career’s SMS gateway. SMS Gateways are widely used in Marketing Industry to Send Text Messages in bulks to the targeted audience. Companies and Business organizations use them in Marketing and customer care campaigns. CRM related software also uses SMS gateway as it an integral mode of communication.

Advantages of Bulk Text Messages

Text messages or SMS marketing is one of the contemporary marketing strategies for any industry- whether services or products based. Today bulk text messages are not optional but need time. Also, bulk text messages are not only used as marketing tools but a vital tool to pass similar information to a broader audience. Whether people have a smartphone or not, the SMS inbox is always more accessible than an email inbox. Based on it, you can say that the bulk text messages are more beneficial in terms of quick reach to the audience. The advantages of bulk text messages in terms of marketing are summarized below.

  • High viewing rate– Due to secure access to the SMS inbox audience opens and views the messages very frequently. Therefore if you send messages to the audience, the price to see the message, in terms of time taken, will be very high. However, if you perform the sake task with bulk email, the open rate will be very low. Also, most of the time, a promotional email goes into the spam, and that’s very bad!
  • High Conversion Rate– If you are promoting your business, whether products or services, there is a better chance of conversion in case of promotion by bulk messages. The conversion rate will be higher in case of b2c messages i.e. if the audience is direct consumers.
  • Quick and Easy– Sending bulk SMS doesn’t require any specialization, its simple and you can even outsource individual or agency to perform this task. However, for a successful bulk SMS campaign, you can hire a reliable and reputed SMS service provider.
  • Low Budget– In comparison to any other mode of marketing or advertising, bulk SMS campaign is more budget-friendly. Think about the outdoor advertisement like hoarding, billboard, etc. they are way expensive yet lower reach, comparatively.
  • Easy and Broad Reach– Today, almost every people own a cellphone. It doesn’t matter whether the audience has a smartphone or feature phone; the text message facility is available in all types of phones. Therefore if you are doing a text message campaign, you can reach a broad audience in no time. Also, viewing messages doesn’t require an internet connection, so it’s easy to contact if you send messages to your customer. This leads to better and better conversion rate.
  • Speed– There is no need to have an internet connection to view SMS. Also, like the email, you don’t need to login to access your inbox. All these make the bulk text message campaign a speedy process. Also, it is evident that in most of the cases, the sent text message are view within ten minutes.
  • Feedback– Feedback of customers is the backbone of any business. If you contact your customers with text messages, you can ask them for feedback. Customers, too, can give you feedback promptly as it is less time taken. This benefits can’t be easily achieved in any other mode like email or voice call.
  • Personalization– Personalization is easy, less time-consuming in case of bulk text messages. It can be done based on the previous buying record of your customer. The pricing is also low in comparison to other services.
Relevancy Of SMS For Marketing In Present Days

This is an era of digital marketing, and more precisely, the age of social media marketing. If you talk about the present marketing scenario,  many people have the opinion that text messages or SMS for marketing have no relevance today. They have the same idea about email also, but they don’t reject the relevancy of email entirely. However, it is evident from many aspects that this method of marketing is still relevant. It has emerged as a more powerful marketing tool after evolution in smartphones. These evolutions are in terms of technological advancement as well as the reach of the smartphone to almost every familiar person. Let’s have a look at some essential points which are in support to explain and justify the relevancy of SMS in marketing these days.

  • Introduction of the smartphone– During older days, when people used feature phones, it was a tedious job to deal with messages, especially to reply. Also, phones had not much capacity to store such messages. But after the introduction of smartphones in the world, the end consumer can receive messages in bulk. Therefore advertising and marketing companies today can send bulk Also, you can get feedback from your customers quickly as it becomes easy for the customer to type feedback on their phone.

Also, today people are spending more time on their phones. Therefore the customer reach becomes broad for marketing or advertising. It is said that today people spend on average 4 to 5 hours, even more, with their phone. Also, the viewing rate of the message is maximum for up to 10 minutes, which you can’t achieve with any other mode of advertising.

  • Evolution in a smartphone– Earlier, it was not easy to add a link in the messages. Even if you can add the link in the message, it doesn’t mean that your customers will have access to it. And if they can open the links through a mobile browser, the webpage you have sent them may not open properly. Today, after so much evolution in a smartphone, the consumer can quickly go through the link you have sent to them. Also, at present, there is almost no difference in opening webpages on the phone and the computer.
  • Concise yet informative– It is also related to evolution in the smartphone. Today there is no need to send all features about your promotion in the message or no need to say your customer ‘to know more please call us back.’ What you have to do is to just attach the link of the information you are willing to read by your customer.
  • Other Parameters still intact– Other parameters related to benefits of marketing through SMS like High Viewing Rate, High Conversion Rate, Quick and Easy, Low Budget, Easy and Broad Reach, Speed, Personalization, etc. as mentioned above are still intact.

From the above discussion, it may be concluded that marketing through SMS is not only relevant today, but it emerged as a more useful and effective tool. There are several strategies related to SMS marketing adopted by agencies of SMS marketing services, and they are continuously growing this direction.

Importance Of Online Text Message Sender

Though SMS marketing is still relevant and even more powerful marketing strategies, sending bulk SMS through mobile phones is not very useful. There are several reasons due to which you must adopt something else other than your phone to send bulk SMS. The very convenient choice to perform this task is an online text message sender, which can be in software, application, or website form. You can send any number of messages via this channel through the computer. Some significant benefits of adopting message sender are highlighted below.

  • Faster Delivery- If you send bulk SMS to your customers through your phone, it may take a more extended period to deliver all the messages. Generally, the phone may face some network congestion issues and RAM problems too. These can be avoided if you use an online sender on your personal computer.
  • Speed- Sending bulk SMS through the phone is time consuming due to slower typing speed in comparison to a computer. People are 2-3 times slower while tapping one phone in comparison to typing on a keyboard.
  • Autocorrect- you can close this option on your phone, but then there may be a chance of typo error. You can save yourself with these irrelevant issues on your desktop.
  • Typographical Error- If you type on your computer, there is a less chance of this type of error. Also, use only that sender where typo error is shown in their typing box so that you can correct at the end before sending bulk text SMS.
  • Well Organized- Generally, this online platform is used for sending automated messages i.e., the same messages for several receivers. But sometimes you need to make a specific change before sending each audience. That change can be performed well if you do it on your computer. Therefore, you can organize your work more conveniently on your computer.
  • Additional Features- If you are using an online sender through a computer, you can use several other features to make your work easy. These features may include SMS Gateway API to send SMS directly from your app, Email to SMS tools, automated responses, receive and send SMS in any language, etc. If you are aware of marketing strategies through SMS, then you can understand the importance of these features, which you can only access by using an online SMS sender on your desktop.
  • Scheduled SMS- Another significant benefit, you can make an advance schedule for online send SMS. These features are used by several providers who text you at midnight or on holidays. You can prepare messages and plan as per your convenience.

Using an online SMS sender or Text Messages Service is the need of the hour, and it can take your marketing and advertising strategies at an entirely different level. There are ample software and applications are available, out of which you have to hire the more versatile and reliable as per your requirement. What you have to check before agreeing with such a service provider is their reliability. Check their previous record. While work is on full swing, there should not be any network or other congestion in sending messages.

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